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Making Rainbows


You take some gray clouds
Mix them up
Until you see rain
After a thorough dousing
Crack the clouds open
Scattering them across a blue sky
Juxtapose them
Against re-emerging sunlight;
Such is the art, the knack,
The flair
For making rainbows

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“night time approaches
i can see the sun
as it slowly slowly
slips past
listen in silence
one can almost hear as it brushes up against the horizon
turning off the light of day
look toward the heavens
as one by one the stars turn on
as the moon bobs like a cork in the ebony skies
night time approaches

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Fault Lines


Tempted by his passion for me
he wrote of futures
dressed in silky satins
and I floated off in space
tied to ribbons from his tongue

That was his fault

Covering him in luscious language
I wrote of rendezvous
dressed in corsets of silk
that tugged his taste buds
on strings of golden…

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i was melting ice
and you were winter
it was perfect
when it all started
but somehow you
turned too cold

and i broke.

MJLsummer didn’t go so well either (request)

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My heart’s an empty carpark at 1am
lit only by the flickering street-lamp,
it’s the humid stagnancy before a storm
where the world is smaller than usual.

I’m trying to scratch you into the walls
but I keep forgetting how to spell your name
and everything feels a little slower
when you’re under the influence
of disappointment.

Maybe things could be better
if I wasn’t so well-acquainted with silence
and I didn’t have to sing to myself
to know I still have a voice.

The breaths take a little longer to surface
when your lungs wonder where your heart went,
If you kissed me now
you’d taste your demons on my lips
and I wouldn’t regret it.

I was writing a sonnet
about the ways I’ve been let down
and played it to a crowd of zero,
(I think it needs revising now)

so maybe just maybe
winter has finally set in.

it’s all a little colder (via kugelmonkeyy)

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Little Hearts


Sitting again in her lonely world
a young girl dabs at tearful eyes
sobbing wondering if she’ll ever
see the beauty her mirror denies

A prisoner of thoughtless words 
foolish child believes they’re true
and every day it’s harder to hope
that one day she’ll be pretty too

Sadly too she’s not the only one
elsewhere an innocent child cries
victims of the scars that we inflict
when we fill little hearts with lies

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I’m taking in blossoms,
seed pods and bursting leaves
like eager breaths.
My feet are free
of the roots and tangles of winter
and I am suddenly lighter,
with dreams at my back
and hope in my lungs.
The birds sigh in a chorus -
barely balancing on branches,
they’re fearless dancers.

Your message intrudes
like a broken bough.

But still the birds sing.

the healing ward (via undernightskies)

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☠*.¸¸. ✶ ☠ *♪ ♫
Time is Too Slow for those who Wait,
 Too Swift for those who Fear, 
Too Long for those who Grieve, 
Too Short for those who Rejoice; But for those who Love, Time is not. 
- Time Is by Henry Van Dyke


*.¸¸. ✶ ☠ *♪ ♫

Time is Too Slow for those who Wait,

Too Swift for those who Fear,

Too Long for those who Grieve,

Too Short for those who Rejoice; But for those who Love, Time is not.

- Time Is by Henry Van Dyke

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A beetle spins
Struggling on it’s back
Trying to right itself,
And I watch with
A kind of, morbid fascination,
Having been caught myself
My world upside down
I’ve struggled
Feeling small
And inconsequential, too
In the scheme of things.
I know how this bug must feel
If it does in fact feel.
And so I gently flip it back over
And it scurries away
With not even so much
As a thank you.
I should’ve smashed it
When I had the chance.

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Sepals, petals, freckles:
Orchis, they tried to put you back together.
These elements are the best that they can do.

Your labellum, a violet pouch,
hangs dour,
weeping for the incarnation
of a flower,
coupling only
with the insect-taker.

Your bulb, a sac…

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Romance With the Rain


In the deepest cavernous soul
A candle flickers dimly in snow
It’s burned at both ends
But such a bright glow
And in reflection of shattered mind
An image that lives for all times
It’s all that’s left
When everything else had died

And it’s such a joyful pain
Tears on your beautiful face

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Behind the bomb
we planted a garden
said we’d grow old there
instead grew too wise
Roses were just roses
to nettles to dust
Nothing lasts forever, love
least of all us

Over the garden
we carved out a city
a fortress of fear
and doubt in disguise
of fountains for pennies

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